What We Do With Your Data

App Usage Information

The app does not use any third party tracking software. None of the tracking data is sent to any other organization or company.

When you first start the app, basic support information such as your device model and OS level may be sent to our private and secured servers. This information is used in aggregate to get a sense of what kind of devices and OSes are most often used by audience members.

No personally identifying information is requested, tracked, or stored. The app does not use "cookies" or other kinds of trackers.

The app may use your device's GPS location to help you find locations. During your tour, your position may periodically be sent back to our servers for aggregate analysis.

Note that GPS location is only logged on our servers while you are looking for a location with the app and only if you are within 1.5km of your destination.

The app will only send GPS information while it is open and during the time of the performance.

Your specific location information is used only for internal use during the performance. It is not shared with any other audience members or third parties.

After the Performance

Your position history may be used by Zuppa Theatre in aggregate to analyse traffic flow and to fine-tune the clues and timing for following performances.

Contact Us

Please contact us at info@zuppatheatre.com if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns.